California Town Requires All New Homes Be Electric Car Ready

The city council of Palo Alto, Calif., voted unanimously for a proposal requiring all new single-family homes to be electric car ready.

New homes must be pre-wired for an EV charging station. A level 2 charging station, which can charge most electric cars in eight hours, requires a dedicated 240-volt line, the same voltage as a washter adn dryer.

"The thing that caught me is how simple and easy and fairly inexpensive it is to rough-in the wiring,” Vice Mayor Nancy Shepherd told San Jose Mercury News.

Palo Alto is home to Tesla Motors headquarters. It’s also a clean-air city. A September study from MIT, found that Southern California has the highest number of deaths due to air pollution in the country. About 21,000 people die prematurely in California each year with the majority of pollution coming from road transportation.

The Silicon Valley town wants to develop more interest in electric cars with the hope of increasing their use.

The measure streamlines the process of installing the EV charger in an existing home.

“It is necessary that we create the infrastructure necessary to allow that to happen,” city councilman Marc Berman told San Jose Mercury News. “In Palo Alto, of all places, we should absolutely do that.”

"No one makes money on it. I'm wondering if in the long run we are not inhibiting the growth of popular usage of electric vehicles because we are mandating leading-edge places where this stuff is free," cautioned councilman Greg Schmid. "There's no incentive to create networks through our communities."

Sources: Raw Story, San Jose Mercury News


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