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Brooklyn Mom Receives Bizarre X-Rated Selfies From Thief After Her Phone Is Stolen

A Brooklyn mother whose phone was pick-pocketed during a street fair later found her Dropbox account filled with racy pictures and a porn video from the alleged thief.

“It seemed like they were getting off after taking the phone,” Victoria Brodsky, 39, told the New York Daily News. “I would love it if they were caught.”

Brodsky was willing to part with the Samsung Galaxy S3, but when she saw the 26 raunchy images and one porn video, she changed her mind.

“It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating,” said Brodsky.

The phone wasn’t the only thing pilfered; her wallet was also gone from her purse.

Police sources told the Daily News that Brodsky called police, but claimed she had lost her cell phone and wasn’t the victim of a crime. Brodsky says that’s not true. She claims the NYPD wouldn’t classify it as theft because she hadn’t seen anyone take her things.

The images that later showed up in her Dropbox started off innocent, then the couple disrobes. The last post, she said, was a homemade porn video. Oddly enough the couple seems only half-heartedly engaged in the act.

“Sex looks very boring in their house,” Brodsky quipped.

These aren’t the only shocking selfies to turn up on a stolen phone this month. Jennifer Prasch of Nebraska told WOWT that her iPhone was stolen while she was Christmas shopping in Walmart. She later found 17 new pictures on her account of a young pregnant woman, presumably the thief.

“It was really creepy,” Prasch said. “They had family photos, their Christmas pictures, selfies, photos of them. She’s pregnant and taking photos of the belly. Lots of photos.”

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Sources: New York Daily News, WOWT


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