Brazilians: USB is the Devil's Connection


The next time you plug something into your computer's USB port, you could be doing the work of the Devil.

According to Britain's The Guardian, evangelical Christians in Brazil noticed the USB symbol resembles a trident -- the mark of the Devil. So they naturally conclude that USBs are the work of Satan, and have banned their use.

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USB - Satan's data connection

The Guardian notes that this story has only been on Brazilian web sites, and the writer says, "so if this turns up on Snopes don't blame me." Here is a translation from one of the articles:

The evangelical cult "Paz do Senhor Amado" ("Peace of the beloved Lord") in the interior of Brazil forbids its followers to use any USB technology by contending that it uses a symbol that shows sympathy for the devil.

According to its founder, the "Apostle" Welder Saldanha says that this is just another symbol of Satan, which is always present in all Christian homes.

"The symbol of that name (a name which he doesn't even like to pronounce) is a trident, which is used to torture souls that go to hell. Use only a symbol of those shows that all users of that vile technology are actually worshipers of Satan" - explains the" Apostle".

Measures were taken so that all the USB connections of his followers were exchanged for common connections and even the Bluetooth (sic), which according to Saldanha Welder is permitted, for "Blue was the color of the eyes of our savior Jesus Christ".


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