Latest Russian Innovation: Bomb-Proof Toilets


    Isn’t it a good feeling to know that you wont be blown to smithereens next time you get caught in a terrorist attack whilst visiting Russia?

    newser: Take comfort, tourists: Russia’s public toilets will soon be bomb-proof. The country plans to roll out some nigh-indestructible über-johns by the end of the year; they’ll be made of fibrous concrete, with fittings fashioned from a mixture of steel and heavy-duty plastic, CNN reports. “If somebody will leave a bomb inside the lavatory and it explodes, the toilet won’t be destroyed,” an official involved in the project boasted.

    The toilet wont be destroyed, but one has to wonder because you’re not necessarily made out of steel and heavy duty plastic if you’ll be destroyed? And if you’re not destroyed, how will get getting over the psychological damage of getting caught in a terrorist attack, assuming your constitution is not as hearty as the typical Russian who we should dare imagine side steps land mines on their way to the local shopping mall?

    Then again, shouldn’t I be somewhat nervous to begin with when I start reading in the papers that a nation is now rolling out with bomb proof toilets (which is a veiled way of saying bomb threats are a way of life there the way a Sunday morning crumpet with a smattering of orange marmalade is a way of life for you)?

    But then again perhaps I should be elated too, because next time I’m in Russia and I sense an imminent bomb attack I’ll just go running for the toilets.

    Don’t you wish you could install a bomb proof toilet in your household too?


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