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Best Holiday Gifts for Photographers

Know their photography

Let us start on the basic two kinds of photographers your love ones might be, being a landscape or portrait photographer. Just be warned, photography equipments aren’t cheap so you might start saving right now. So here are the best gifts for photographers that you can give this Holiday Season:

For landscape and outdoor photographers

Ultra-wide and fisheye lenses is their dream

As a landscape photographer, they want to shoot on wide angle approximately they tend to snap up to 180 degrees of their full panoramic view or even more than that if they have a fisheye lens. So here are the possible lenses you can give them, let us start for the two most popular brand of photography, Canon and Nikon.

Canon Ultra-wide lenses

Nikon Ultra-wide lenses

Filters they also want them

Another exciting part of outdoor photography will be capturing some unique images or enhancing the image quality through the use of filters. If you’ll be buying this as a gift better if you check their lens filter mount. I prefer you buy filters with mount of 77mm to be safe which you can paired with a step up ring if the lens filter mount is lesser than that.

The most common for outdoor shooters will be a UV filter which is basic screw in and will be a daily lens protection against elements.

 Another filter to improve image color vividness and reduced reflection will be a CPL filter (Circular Polarizer).

If they’re shooting long exposures, they might also want to have a ND8 or ND400 filter which is great for waterfalls and other bodies of moving water. These filters tend to soften those in motion like water or clouds in which they add an extra delay on the camera’s shutter speed through its tinted mirror.

Another type of filter worth exploring for them are IR filters (Infrared).

Give them a waterproof camera

As an outdoor photographer, sometimes there are times that they can’t bring with them their hefty worthy DSLR because of possible elemental risks. Why not give them a second rugged handy camera. Normally, the marketing will told us it’s waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, freezeproof and most importantly, you can send it as a gift.

For portrait and event photographers

They want zoom-fast lenses for sure! Zoom lenses are those lenses that can point closely to their subjects without moving their feet or they can shoot at a distance unnoticeable. There’s also a type of portrait photographers which normally shoots on controlled environment such studio which requires shorter zoom lenses. Fast lenses, this lenses has lower apertures (a bit technical), well that’s the widest hole the lens can open up to have the light pass through it, the wider the faster. But the number will not tell you that, because aperture f/1.4 is wider than f/3.5, don’t forget that.

Canon Zoom-Fast lenses

Nikon Zoom-Fast lenses

Give them Speedlights or lighting equipments

Another recommended upgrade for portrait photographers will be Speedlights or external camera flash, they will love that for sure.

Check out their accessories

When it comes to their accessories, normally you’d likely to check their bag, tripod, diffusers, reflectors, book guides and cleaning kit.

Give their second camera

Now if you really want to make them happy (love your personal) photographer, you might want to give them their second DSLR or an upgrade. So if they’ve just entered photography maybe an upgrade for mid-entry camera will be your choice or you might even give them full frames.


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