AT&T Announces No-Contract Plans as Low as $40 a Month

Soon, AT&T will offer prices cheaper than most cell carriers after it launches a new no contract service called Aio Wireless.

Aio Wireless plans were announced today, and range from $35 to $70 a month. They also don't require a contract, so the user can leave the service at any time. 

They can include all of the same features as regular plans, including extended data and international talk and text.

Aio Wireless is similar to MetroPCS, which focuses on metropolitan areas. These plans will at first only be available in Tampa, Houston and Orlando, but will expand to more states and cities throughout the year.

Users can utilize unlocked phones for the service or buy new phones through Aio Wireless.

AT&T created a no contract plan in order to compete with T-Mobile's no contract plans. T-Mobile owns MetroPCS, which only focuses on no contracts. 

The AT&T no contract plan comparison shows that it will be similar to MetroPCS in cost. Aio Basic will provide 250 MB of 4G speeds, talk and text for $40 a month, Aio Smart will offer 2 GB for $55 a month and Aio Pro will offer 7 GB for $70 a month.

Similarly, MetroPCS plans range from $40 to $60, and include speeds set at 500 MB, 2.5 GB and unlimited 4G. MetroPCS plans also include taxes and family plans can knock off $5 per phone. Though MetroPCS pricing is somewhat better than AT&T's, MetroPCS is only available in certain areas.

Sprint also offers a no contract plan through Boost Mobile. Their plans start at $55 a month with unlimited 4G, but it goes down to $40 a month if the user doesn't miss a payment for 18 months.

Sources: Inquisitr, ABC


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