Apple Job Listing for "Flexible Display" Engineer Quickly Pulled Down


An Apple job listing went up in early April for a design engineer with experience in flexible display technology that would make a screen less rigid and much more like a sheet a paper. The job listing, which was pulled down Wednesday, suggests that Apple plans to introduce flexible display in future products.

While the technology for flexible display has been around for a while, nothing developed has made it into the consumer mainstream.

The job listing specified Apple was looking for a "Senior Optical Engineer" to investigate flexible display technologies, analyze optical performance tradeoffs, and perform system integration and prototyping.

The news comes shortly after rumors spread of an Apple iWatch with a curved display. According to a patent discovered by Apple Insider in February, the supposed iWatch would be a wrist-worn unit with a flexible touch-screen and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities.

9to5Mac says it has found two other Apple patents for completely flexible devices that change operating modes when the users bends or twists it.

No one is sure why Apple pulled the listing, but employers often do once a position has been filled. 

Samsung, Sharp and LG have already shown off flexible display prototypes.

Corning, the manufacturer who supplies glass to Apple, announced an ultra-slim, flexible glass last year called Willow Glass. However, latest reports indicated it would not be ready for production for several years.

Sources: Apple Insider, iPhone Canada, 9to5Mac


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