Apple iPhone App "Ex-Gay" – Are You Serious?


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across a petition to remove an Apple iPhone app called "Ex-Gay," which is touted as being able to cure the gayness right out of people.

Are you F-ing serious? Get this s*** gone already, there is ENOUGH hate in the world!

I’m so pissed off that my blood is almost literally boiling!!!

You know, I’ve been very patient with these crazed right-wing radicals, and their bulls*** garbage for long enough.

I’m done with this. Crap like this ridiculous app is just fueling the hatred that has and continues to destroy the world we live in.

If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the "good book" teach us to "love thy neighbor?" Or does that not apply if your neighbor's skin color is different than yours, or if your neighbor loves Steve instead of Stephanie?

Such garbage. Hatred is a taught behavior, and one that needs to stop immediately if we want to live a happy and peacefully co-existent life with the rest of our fellow human beings on this rock.

Live your life, do as you see fit. But don’t tell others how to live their lives, and don’t hate just because of your differences.

Ugh. Sign the petition to get this app removed. It’s just disgusting.

Sign it here!

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