A Utah soldier wants to thank Apple after his iPhone helped save his life from a suicide bomb explosion while on tour in Afghanistan.

Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank had his iPhone 5s in his front pocket when he and his unit were confronted by a teenage bomber who triggered a bomb filled with ball bearings, KSL reports. Frank came under a barrage of ball bearings, but the metal body of his iPhone 5s protected his femoral artery from several of them. Doctors believe that the iPhone may have saved his life.

Not much is left of the phone, with a shattered screen and a metal-bending exit hole sticking out from the aluminum back cover.

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(Photo via New York Post)

“They did tell him when he got back to base that that iPhone probably saved his life,” Frank’s sister, Alisha Lantz, told the TV station.

Frank did suffer from several wounds, but his body armor protected him from much of the damage.

The New York Post reported that Frank initially sent his iPhone to Apple to see if insurance would cover the damaged phone. The company gave him the option to either keep his old device or get a replacement, but he couldn’t do both. Frank decided to keep the iPhone 5s as a memento of the day he almost died.

Once the soldier’s story gained public attention, support started coming in, with people offering to purchase a new phone for him. But a few months later, Apple finally agreed to replace Frank’s iPhone 5s and let him keep the old one.

“It’s the same phone he had previously, minus a hole or two,” Lance said.


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