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Apple iPad 3 Launch Pushed to 2012

Are you waiting to buy one of those tablet computers until Apple launches its expected iPad 3? Well, you'll be waiting until next year.

According to Device Magazine, there was speculation Apple would release the new iPad sometime this year. However that will now happen in 2012.

The magazine writes:

The put off, it seems, is mainly because of the challenges faced by Apple in assembling the 2048×1536 display. The company had set out to make an expensive and unique display screen which carries four times the normal pixel count.

There have also been rumors claiming that Apple has only just started its test production of chips, which is why the company is unable to launch the gadget this year. Whatever the amount of rumors that are being circulated, one thing is pretty sure; that Apple iPad 3 won’t likely make the markets in 2011.

In the meantime, there are plentiful supplies of the iPad 2 -- a nifty little device to keep you busy until the next generation comes out.


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