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Apple to Introduce 2 New iPads Next Month?

While the world breathlessly waits for the new iPad 3, there is word that Apple will actually introduce two new iPads next month.

The tech website DigiTimes reported Thursday that Apple will return to iWorld, which was formerly known as MacWorld Expo, for the first time since 2009 to make the announcement. The event will be held on January 26.

The two iPads will reportedly have the existing 9.7-inch screens, as opposed to the rumored 7.85-inch screen. However the screens will be far more advanced that the current iPad 2 -- 2,048x1,536 pixels, offering better resolution.

But DigiTimes writes that the iPad 2 will not be going away:

The iPad 2 will be competing directly with Amazon's kindle Fire in the price-sensitive market segment, while the new models will focus on the mid-range and high-end segments respectively, the sources said.

That suggests that the iPad 2, which currently starts at $499, might come down in price to compete with the Fire, which starts at $199.

However, DigiTimes has apparently been wrong before. The website Pocket-Lint refers to DigiTimes as a "perennial gossip monger," and ZDNet said given DigiTime's history, the report should be "taken with a grain of salt."

In any case, we'll know for sure in a month, which is an eternity to the Apple fanboys.


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