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Apple Expected To Unveil News iPhones At Sept. 10 Event

Apple has called a press event for Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. P.T. and details are starting to emerge about what the trend-setting tech company is likely to unveil.

The iPhone 5C is likely to be the event's main attraction, but it’s possible that the iPhone 5S could steal the show. Some have speculated that the "C" stands for "cheap" or "China" (the phone’s primary market) but it is also possible that it stand for color because the phone will be available in a wide variety of shades.

Many expect the 5S to be fairly similar to previous Apple models.

“This next product is going to an incremental evolution on the iPhone 5,” said Jefferson Wang, a senior partner with IBB Consulting. “It would be hard to see a drastic change. Apple has always followed a very traditional model when it comes to building out platforms. You can’t basically give your device one year of runway and then scrap the entire supply chain and launch something else. You have to be able to re-use stuff to succeed.”

That’s not to say that the new phone won’t have any new bells or whistles.

“They’ve always put a premium on improving the imaging, camera and video experience because that’s what people use and share the most,” Wang said.

In a separate event that’s scheduled for Sept. 11, Apple will reportedly introduce the new iPhones and an arrangement with China Mobile. According to mobile analyst Chetan Sharma, the iPhone 5C "will give millions of consumers a chance to own an iPhone at a lower price," and that price will need to be between $300 and $250 or less for it to be "effective."

By selling a cheaper model in developing and international countries, Apple will hope to keep up with its competitors, NBC News reported.

“In the end, to compete against Google’s global adoption, Apple will have to lean on an expanded iPhone family that can really help spread that Apple ecosystem to different segments,” Wang said.

Sources: NBC News, The Denver Post


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