Apple Employee Leaves iPhone 5 Prototype in Bar -- Again!

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Good thing the notoriously short-tempered Steve Jobs isn't the boss anymore -- an Apple employee apparently left a prototype of the iPhone 5 in a bar. If this sounds familiar, you are not going crazy; the same thing happened last year with an iPhone 4 prototype. reports that the employee left the phone at a tequila lounge in San Francisco called Cava 22 in late July.

Apple was able to use the phone's electronic signal to trace it to a house in Frisco.

CNET writes:

When San Francisco police and Apple's investigators visited the house, they spoke with a man in his twenties who acknowledged being at Cava 22 on the night the device went missing. But he denied knowing anything about the phone. The man gave police permission to search the house, and they found nothing, the source said. Before leaving the house, the Apple employees offered the man money for the phone no questions asked, the source said, adding that the man continued to deny he had knowledge of the phone.

The whereabouts of the phone are still not known, although CNET reports that it "may have been sold on Craigslist for $200."

That's a far cry from the $5,000 two men allegedly got for the iPhone 4 last year from the website Gizmodo. Those two men pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor theft charges at their arraignment on Thursday.

They are charged under a California law that says that anyone who finds lost property and knows who the owner likely is must return it. If not, they are guilty of theft.


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