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App Rebel Re:Beat Records Your Heartbeat and Sends it to Valentine

Those who don’t have a gift planned for Valentine’s Day may be in luck with a new app called Rebtel Re:Beat, a free program available for the iPhone.

The app, made in Sweden, is able to record your heartbeat and send it to your lover. The company said it’s a “new way to declare your love that’s far more personal than a card, a box of chocolates or even roses.” It is able to record your heartbeat and send it in a text message.

It has many wondering why a heartbeat would be considered romantic, as it’s not very personal or sentimental.

But the fact that it’s able to record your heartbeat is pretty noteworthy. It captures the beat by either “taking” your pulse while you hold your finger over your phone’s camera lens, or by you manually touching the “heartbeat” button every time your heart beats.

A writer at Buzzfeed said it’s harder than it seems, as the camera lens technique often doesn’t work and the act of manually tapping the phone when your heart beats leads to inaccuracies.

She attempted to record her heartbeat by manually tapping it, but it recorded it as lower than her true heartbeat.

The app sends your recorded heartbeat to your desired with messages like: “My heart beats for you,” “wishing I was there,” or “I’m just a heartbeat away.”

Re:Beat’s description says: “Experience the first app that lets you record and send your digital heartbeat to someone dear to you as the ultimate declaration of love. It’s a new and ingenious way of saying 'I love you'.”

While many think it’s creepy, others have left rave reviews. One user said the heartbeat made his loved one get “tears in her eyes.”

It currently has a rating above 4 stars.

Those who want to give their loved one a more conventional gift can download another creative app called Red Stamp, which allows you to create a thoughtful Valentine’s Day card, or Kiss Me Thru Phone, an app based off the Soulja Boy song of the same name which allows you to send an image of kisses to your lover.



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