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App "Facewash" Makes Facebook Profiles Employer-Ready

The act of employers searching potential employees' Facebook pages has become popular and well-known over the past few years. 

As the practice grows, more people are trying to decide how they should monitor their own Facebook pages. Drunken status updates and embarrassing photos won't look appealing to a potential employer.

But it is difficult to go through a Facebook profile and discern what should be deleted, especially if the page has been up for many years and has collected hundreds of different photos, statuses, and comments. 

Three students from Kent State University invented an app to solve that problem.

"Facewash" is an app that searches through Facebook activity to find information that could possibly turn off an employer. 

When the app is launched by a Facebook user, it goes through everything the user has ever posted, things their friends have posted, and pages the user has liked. It highlights words and phrases that may be risque and asks the user for permission to delete it. 

"We realized that there's a lot of content that perhaps someone might not want a future employer to see," Daniel Gur, one of the creators, said. 

Gur also said that they are planning to make the app multilingual so people from other countries could use it. 

"This is your face on the Internet, and you might need to wash it," Gur said. 



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