'Anonymous' Twitter Account Hacked

The hacktivist group Anonymous, which has taken down several government and corporate websites, recently had its Twitter account hacked by a group called the 'Rustle League.'

According to BBC News, the Anonymous Twitter account was down for about three hours before they regained control.

The Rustle League said it had hacked the @Anon_Central account, which has 160,000 followers.

Anonymous is known for its highly public attacks on big businesses such as PayPal and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

But a report by the security firm McAfee described Anonymous' work as hacking-for-hire and suggested that the collective is going into decline.

"The reason Anonymous fell victim is probably human weakness," said Graham Cluley, senior consultant at the security firm Sophos. "Chances are that they followed poor password practices, like using the same password in multiple places or choosing a password that was easy to crack. Everyone should learn better password security from incidents like this - if it can happen to an account run by Anonymous supporters, it could happen to you."

Source: BBC News


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