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Anonymous Hacks Government Site to Avenge Aaron Swartz Death

Hacker group Anonymous is still determined to avenge Aaron Swartz's death, as they hijacked the website of the U.S Sentencing Commission on Saturday.

On Saturday, the website's normal interface was replaced with a message warning that when Swartz committed suicide, "a line was crossed."

Anonymous said they have infiltrated several government computer systems and have saved secret information that they are threatening to release. 

Many of Swartz's family and friends have said he killed himself after he was attacked by federal prosecutors who said he had helped post millions of court documents for free online. Swartz also allegedly downloaded millions of academic articles from an online clearinghouse. 

Anonymous's most recent hack was noticed immediately. Richard McFeely, executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch of the FBI said they are handling it as a criminal investigation.

"We are always concerned when someone illegally accesses another person's or government agency's network," he said.


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