Anonymous Hackers vs. The Syrian Electronic Army


Notorious hacker group Anonymous claims to have breached security in Syrian Electronic Army computers and stolen data from SEA members, publishing them online. Meanwhile, the SEA denies any such hacking.

The GlobalPost reported Tuesday that in April, the SEA underwent a major attack. One hacker claimed to collect about 140 e-mail addresses from SEA members, although it is not clear whether this source is affiliated with Anonymous.

In addition, a cache of information revealing the names of top SEA leaders as well as e-mail addresses and passwords was published on Deep Web sites over Labor Day weekend.

The SEA is a hacker organization working on behalf of Assad. The group recently hacked into the Twitter account of BBC Weather, using it to tweet messages hailing the regime. The SEA has also reportedly broken into numerous news websites including those owned by Al Jazeera, The Telegraph and the Washington Post.

One member of Anonymous told the GlobalPost, “I imagine them as an Assad cronies’ notion of the Chinese Cyber Army, on a shoestring budget.”

Vice recently interviewed a security analyst who keeps tabs on the SEA and similar hacking groups. Said the unnamed source, “The SEA has been present for a long time. They do a few things: on the one hand they deface websites, and on the other hand they attack activists computers. While they claim to have worked independently, most believe that they are coordinating some of their efforts with elements of the Assad Regime.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Vice, GlobalPost


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