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Anonymous Announces More Details for New YAN Website

The online hacktivist group Anonymous has announced additional details about their refreshingly different upcoming news website.

Anonymous, long known as advocates of social justice, posted a note to Pastebin on Monday, explaining that their news website will focus much more on actual issues than pop culture nonsense.

"After observing the events of the last few days, understand that one of our goals is to make questions like, 'Why isn't CNN-Turk airing footage of these massive protests,' irrelevant," the group said in the note. "Its [sic] time to start getting the real news out there, to everyone. We have to stop relying on big corporations to do that for us."

The group raised $55,000 from the crowd sourced fundraising website Indiegogo in April and plans to use that money to broaden their Your Anon News (YAN) brand to a full-fledged, original journalism website. Now, the group relies mostly on syndicated content but is seeking to move onto more hard-hitting, issue-heavy news coverage.

"Those of us contributing to YAN have always desired to expand our capabilities and to report, not just aggregate, the news," Anonymous said in April.

As a group whose presence is heavily on Twitter, Anonymous plans to heavily integrate Twitter into their new website. They also plan to include a social chat feature instead of public comments.

"The way we see it, comments are rarely used to their full potential anymore and your friends will be more likely to enjoy your responses this way," Anonymous explained. "Also, we won't auto-attach our .com or account name to everything you tweet - because we're classy."

YAN will still have aggregated content, but will be strictly monitoring the quality of the content in order to keep the website up to par with its ideological foundations. Meaning: no Kardashians or meanderings of other celebrities are allowed.

The website will undoubtedly be a success, as Anonymous has garnered a lot of support over the years for their relentless attacks against the Westboro Baptist Church, cyber bullies, and their dedication to unveil corruption.

Sources: PC Mag, Pastebin


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