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Americans Prefer Smartphones Over Sex, Says Poll

A new poll shows that Americans prefer their smartphones, Internet access, cars, laptops and TV over sex.

The new study by Harris Interactive shows that while 20 percent of Americans say they can't live without sex, but 26 percent couldn’t live without using their smartphones.

Sex also got beat by the Internet, automobiles, laptop computers and televisions, notes the Daily Mail.

The poll also found that almost three quarters of adults say technology enriches their lives, almost half believe it helps their relationships and close to 40 percent claim that technology makes them happier.

But food topped technology and everything else with 73 percent of the vote.

Sex was able to beat computer tablets, social networking sites and GPS devices (navigation).

Even with all this love for technology, 69 percent did admit that gadgets were too distracting.

Sources: Harris Interactive and Daily Mail


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