Amazon Selling Toilet Paper Inside Public Bathroom Stalls (Video)


Procter & Gamble and Amazon have teamed up to launch a new ad campaign that will appear inside public bathroom stalls in malls.

The "Stall Mall" ad urges folks to download the Amazon app and includes several coupons with barcodes for Proctor & Gamble bathroom products, notes the Today show (video below).

While sitting on the toilet, shoppers can use the Amazon app to scan the barcode deals and order fun stuff such as Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper for $2 off and Crest 3D Whitestrips at a $7 discount.

"During this hectic time of year, Charmin wants to help others enjoy the go by making holiday shopping more efficient, and Stall Mall capitalizes on the trend of consumers shopping from their smartphone or tablet while on the toilet," Scott Mautz, brand director for the P&G brand of toilet paper, told the Cincinnati Business Courier.

The ads will pop up in bathrooms at malls in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Seattle.

Sources: Today, Cincinnati Business Courier


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