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Amazon to Deliver Groceries in 40 Cities

Amazon is hoping to do to the grocery industry what it did to retail book stores.

The Seattle-based e-commerce company is planning to offer online grocery delivery services to 40 U.S. cities.

Amazon has already been delivering groceries in Seattle for five years under the moniker of "AmazonFresh."

AmazonFresh might deliver groceries and big ticket items, such as electronics, at the same time, according to the Daily Mail.

The expansion might begin with Los Angeles this week and then roll out across the United States.

"Amazon has been testing this for years and now it's time for them to harvest what they've learned by expanding outside Seattle," said supermarket analyst and consultant Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click. "That's an awesomely scary prospect for the grocery business."

However, Amazon is not the only player in this field.

Walmart is testing delivery of online grocery orders in San Francisco, while FreshDirect delivers groceries to some parts of New York City and Peapod claims to be delivering groceries in 24 markets.

Source: Daily Mail


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