Amateur Pornographers Selling X-Rated E-Books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Websites

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Self-publishing on websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble has helped some writers become bestselling authors without a book agent or publisher.

However, now homemade porn and amateur adult film photographers are using Amazon and Barnes & Noble to self-publish their pornography in e-books, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite Amazon having a policy of not "accepting pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts," there are numerous porn e-books on the site such as  'The Dirty Blonde,' 'Topless!' and '40 and Still Foxy.'

Many of the porn e-books have the Amazon 'click to look inside' function, so people (and children) can view some of the adult-only content for free.

"We have processes and systems - both automated and manual - to detect and remove books that do not adhere to our posted Content Guidelines," Amazon said in a written statement to "Amazon has rejected or removed thousands of such offending titles and expects to keep improving our approach. We are also continuously improving the customer experience for all the content we do sell."

Barnes & Noble's PubIt! has also become a marketplace for self-published porn, including an e-book entitled 'Ann Wild Gets Naked' with pictures of naked women posing and performing sex acts.

Barnes & Noble's terms of use states that "obscene or pornographic material is not allowed" including "content that graphically portrays sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction."

Source: Daily Mail


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