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$30,000 Coffin Plays Music for Dearly Departed (Video)

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A Swedish company is marketing a $30,000 coffin, which includes a sound system to play music for the dearly departed, assuming he or she can actually listen while dead.

The CataCombo Sound System comes with two-way speakers and a playlist called “Pause 4-ever,” which loads songs from Spotify.com, whose catch-phrase happens to be: "Music for every moment."

The living can see which tunes are playing six feet under, thanks to the digital display on the headstone, notes My Fox NY (video below).

The coffin is part of the ever-growing tech products in today's funeral industry.

The Greenwich Village Funeral Home in New York City now offers live webcasts of funerals for family members who can't make the trip.

'It's the next best thing. a lot of people would love to be here if they could," said Peter Deluca of the Greenwich Village Funeral Home.

Source: My Fox NY and Spotify.com


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