2-Year-Old Boy Uses FaceTime to Save Mother After Dog Bite


A tech-savvy two-year-old boy recently helped his injured mother to safety after she was attacked by a dog. How did he do it? FaceTime.

Laura Toone was shocked when a foster dog in her care unexpectedly bit her finger off as she tried to keep it from fighting with her other dogs.

Toone attempted to complete a 911 call to Tuscon police but failed because of her injury. Her four-year-old daughters, who were in the room at the time, were too scared to touch the blood-covered phone.

Toone continued to lose blood and felt as though she would pass out when her son came to her rescue.

“Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel,” Toone said. “He wiped off the blood himself and proceeded to call my friend on FaceTime.”

When Connie Guerrero, Toone's friend, received the FaceTime chat request, she knew she had to answer it.

"Something inside of me just told me that I needed to answer this FaceTime,"  Guerrero said. "All I could see was his little forehead and I said, 'Hi, Bentley,' and it was quiet for a little bit and then I hear Laura screaming."

When help arrived, two-year-old Bentley even unlocked the door for firefighters.

Sources: ABC, The Huffington Post


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