Zambrano Won’t Pitch for Cubs in 2011

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Okay, maybe that didn’t need to be said. The Chicago Cubs placed Carlos Zambrano on the disqualified list after he left the team after being yanked from a game, and threatened to retire.

Well done.

He isn’t eligible to come off the list and be paid until September 12th, but the Cubs have announced that they basically told him to keep his fat ass at home. The team said that there will be “insufficient preparation time” for him to pitch again in 2011. And when they say “insufficient preparation time,” they really mean “he’s a miserable prick and we can’t stand him.”

Zambrano is due an insane $18 million in 2012 and we aren’t sure what the Cubs are going to do about that. Whoever signed him to that stupid five-year, $91 million contract back in 2007 should be fired. Wait….they did fire him?

We are extremely curious to see what the Cubs do here. They are on the hook for all that money for a guy who is a total waste of space and a team cancer. Have fun with that!


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