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Youth Baseball Player With One Arm Shines During All-Star Game (Video)

12-year-old baseball player Dawson Batts wowed and inspired fans at the Baseball Youth NYBC All-Star Challenge last weekend.

What made Batts stand out from the crowd so much? He has just one arm.

Batts was born without a left arm, but he never let that stop him from playing baseball. He trained himself to swing a bat using only his right arm, and eventually learned to field and throw as well. From’s story on Batts:

“When patrolling first base, he'll use his glove to field the ball, and if he must snap out a throw, Dawson tucks the glove under his chin, quickly takes out the ball and lasers it to his next target. When he pitches, Dawson places his mitt behind the rubber and barehands throws back from his catcher.

"I was just playing around one day and figured it out," Dawson said of learning how to transfer the ball from his glove.

Hitting is simpler to explain, no less easy to perform. Instead of hitting righty, he stands in the lefty's batter's box, using his lead arm to swing. Dawson even launched a long ball during Friday's Home Run Derby.”


Check out this footage of Batts pitching an inning and taking an at bat at the during All Star Challenge game:


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