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Oregon vs. Oregon St. Civil War Could Go to Another Level

I’ll tell you how it could happen. Now I don’t expect it to happen, but it’s possible.

What’s happened to make the Auburn-Alabama and Michigan-Ohio State games so big? Well, you’ll say that it’s that a national championship has been at stake many times in those games.

True. But there’s something more — I believe the thing that takes those rivalries to another level is that those teams have been DEPRIVED of national championships by losing to their rivals over the years. Sometimes in big upset fashion.

So what I’m saying is this: You think the Civil War is big now. You think it’s a bitter rivalry. Man, just wait and speculate — can you imagine what it would become if the Beavers were to somehow knock off the Ducks Saturday?

My goodness, Duck fans would never hear the end of it from Beavers. It would make OSU’s season — be perhaps the biggest win EVER for that program — a monumental win… a game that not only pushed the Beavers into a bowl game but cost the Ducks a chance at a national championship.

It would be the cruelest blow ever for an Oregon fan — the most bitter pill to swallow you could imagine.

Let me make this clear — I don’t expect it to happen. The Beavers would have to be virtually perfect to pull that off and they’ve been far from that standard. But funny things happen in college football, particularly in rivalry games and especially when the home team is an underdog.

And think for a moment what THAT would be like. And you don’t want that, Duck fans. Not now and not for the million years to come when you’d have to hear about it.

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