You Can Probably Guess What the Best UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II News Conference Was

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When you put UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in the same room with Chael Sonnen, you can expect more fireworks than the Fourth of July. And the two did not disappoint during the post-fight press conference for UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Tuesday.

Silva and Sonnen have exchanged verbal battles since "The Spider" earned a submission victory over Sonnen two years ago. Now, the two are just days away from stepping inside the Octagon once again.

"Play time is over, it's over," Silva said. "Saturday, a lot of things are going to change. Things are going to be much different after Saturday."

Sonnen had what could possibly go down as the quote of the year, saying, "I fight like Jon Jones. I make songs like Sean (P. Diddy) Combs and I have trombone size stones like John Homes (a former adult film star)."

Sonnen even took a shot at Ed Soares, the manager for Silva and his translator. Soares was charged with translating the questions for Silva, and Silva's response. Sonnen has long claimed that Silva speaks perfect English, but prefers to not use it in public.

"Why are you asking questions in English?" Sonnen asked. "Anderson sits here like he doesn't understand you. First off, he speaks English. We could replace Ed Soares with an app I could download for $9.99."

Sonnen continued to say that he isn't even in the home-court advantage, adding, "Anderson lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, he has home-court advantage. This is insanity. He pretends he doesn't speak English like he's pretending he's the world champion; that's insane."

Silva remained calm for the most part, and even responded to a few questions with one-word answers that he spoke in English.

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