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Portland Trail Blazers Tried to Trade for Hornets Chris Paul

The proposed job-saving Blazer deal was for Chris Paul. Several sources within the league confirmed that this morning.

It’s considered dead, though, as New Orleans continues to shop him around, trying to see what his value might be. Apparently the Hornets are the ones who backed away from the Portland trade.

No surprise. I think it would be ridiculous for New Orleans to deal Paul, by the way. Talk about devaluing a franchise that’s already in a bit of trouble… without Paul it may as well move to Seattle.

If New Orleans was just looking to save money, Portland would be a great trade partner — it has Joel Przybilla and Andre Miller’s expiring contracts to barter, as well as a few young players that could fill roles.

If that trade gets made, would it save Kevin Pritchard’s job? Not sure. I would doubt it — if they’ve come to a decision to fire you, I think you’re going to get fired. And I mean, it’s not as if — at this point or maybe ever — he’s operating in a vacuum. The owner would be deeply involved from the start on a trade of this magnitude and everyone in the league knows Paul is being shopped — if just to assess his value. It’s not as if Pritchard would have unearthed a treasure that no one else knew was available.

All that said, getting Paul into a Blazer uniform would be a huge move. Putting him with Brandon Roy (assuming Roy could learn to function alongside him), LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden would mean an outstanding core of a championship future.


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