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Yasiel Puig Fined For Coming To Game Late

Yasiel Puig, the superstar rookie who’s help propel the Los Angeles Dodgers to the top of the National League West, has been making lots of noise since he was called up in June. However, not all of it’s been good, and the outfielder was recently fined by manager Don Mattingly for arriving to Tuesday’s game versus the Miami Marlins late.

According to ESPN:

Puig also was summoned to Mattingly's office for a closed-door meeting and was not in Tuesday's lineup, though Mattingly said that was for baseball reasons and that he had decided on his lineup before he knew Puig was going to be late.

Despite not starting, Puig made his presence felt in Tuesday's game, hitting a go-ahead leadoff homer in the eighth inning as the Dodgers avoided a third straight loss with a 6-4 win. He earlier entered the game as defensive replacement.

Puig told Mattingly he got caught in traffic. He walked into the Dodgers' clubhouse wearing street clothes at about 4:50 p.m. Players are required to be at the stadium by the time the second team bus arrives from the hotel, about 4:15 Tuesday.

"I'm satisfied with the answer, but it doesn't make it better," Mattingly told reporters. "You've just got to leave earlier. You get caught in traffic or whatever, it's easy to say that, but it's kind of like, 'OK, that's fine, but you're still late.'"

He continued, "I knew we'd make more of it, but today was more of a baseball day. I was close to doing it the other day," Mattingly said. "It's hard to take him out of the lineup, honestly, because it changes our lineup. But it just felt like the right time. I feel like today, the way he's going and the way things are going, I think this lineup gives us the best chance to win today.

"I look at it as a one-day thing."

Based on a recent tweet from the Dodgers’ official account, things seem to be fine for Puig and team brass. The tweet shows a picture of Puig, in full uniform, pointing to a clock showing 3:18 PM EST, just less than four hours before the team’s 7:10 game in Miami against the Marlins, with the text “The kid learned his lesson.”

Sources: ESPN, Twitter


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