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Yankees Sign Martin to One-Year Deal

Much of the ballyhoo over the last 12 or so hours has been about the Philadelphia Phillies inexplicably landing stud left-hander Cliff Lee. The New York Yankees had offered him more years and more money, but apparently Cliff was still upset about his wife getting spat upon in the Bronx.

Well, the Yankees have struck back, and they have struck back hard. They signed free-agent catcher Russell Martin to a blockbuster one-year contract worth an undisclosed king’s ransom.

The Yankees fired a huge warning shot across the nose of MLB with this signing, and baseball executives everywhere are shaken to their very core. So, how did they pull it off?

They offered him a chance to start. Jorge Posada should be DH’ing at this point, so Martin will get the chance to start for the Yankees while Jesus Montero gets some more seasoning in Triple-A ball.

Martin his .248 last year and will immediately become the Yanks’ leadoff man.


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