MLB News: Yankees Want Brett Myers?


Despite what many of their fans say, the New York Yankees could really use more starting pitching. For a team with World Series aspirations, having four out of the five starting spots filled with question marks is a tenuous situation at best.

And the Yankees seem to be aware of this. They have been linked to a variety of starting pitchers around MLB, most recently Francisco Liriano from the Minnesota Twins.

But, a piece in the New York Post brings up a good potential name for the Yanks. Yesterday, they got a good look at Houston Astros starter Brett Myers, who is only 30-years old and had a really good year last year with a 14-8 record to go with a 3.14 ERA.

According to the Post, some within the Yanks organization say that Myers “knows how to pitch.” And the Astros really need players and would probably be willing to part with Myers. His two-year, $23 milliion contract runs out after this year and has a club option for the following year. So it’s not like he’d be a burden that would block the younger guys like Manuel Banuelos and Dellin Betances if they are ready to go in a couple years.

“You haven’t heard his name mentioned yet, but they need players and if they fall out of it I would assume they would listen on everybody,” a National League talent evaluator said yesterday of the Astros.

Myers has had a solid, if not spectacular, career. A product of the Philadelphia Phillies organization, Myers is 87-71 with a 4.20 career ERA in his nine years in the big leagues. Another bonus for the Yankees? He has experience in the bullpen as a closer. So, even if he flamed out as a starter, they could still find a use for him.


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