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Yankees Fans Unknowingly Boo Robinson Cano To His Face, Then Get A Surprise (Video)

It’s easy to talk a big game about how much a professional athlete sucks while you’re typing anonymous comments on the internet or screaming from the upper deck of a stadium. But would you still be so bold if the athlete you’re proudly trash talking was standing right in front of you? I doubt it.

As this new Jimmy Fallon video proves, even the most critical fan turns into a polite small taker when standing face to face with the athlete they’re booing.

The Seattle Mariners are in New York right now for a series against the Yankees. Of course, this means $240 million dollar man Robinson Cano is back in the Big Apple for the first time since he left the Yankees in favor of the big(ger) money the Mariners offered him.

In light of his return, Fallon’s crew came up with a great idea: take a huge picture of Cano to the streets of New York and ask Yankees fans to voice their displeasure with him to the picture. After the fans boo and trash talk Cano, have him walk out from behind the picture and greet them. Then laugh as every fan puts on a smile and tries to save face.

Check it out:


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