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Yankees Alex Rodriguez Involved in Illegal Poker Games?

Derek Jeter would never get caught up in something like this.

According to New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez has allegedly been linked to some illicit underground poker games. Drugs and thugs -- but thankfully, nobody wearing Uggs -- were reportedly involved, and as a result, Major League Baseball (MLB) is looking into the whole mess.

Here is a description of the accusations being thrown around, via Radar:

New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez played in an underground, illegal poker game where cocaine was openly used, and even organized his own high-stakes game, which ended with thugs threatening players.

A blockbuster Star investigation, published on, has uncovered the sordid charges being made by eyewitnesses who played in games with A-Rod, in the top-secret Texas Hold 'Em circuit.

Star first blew the lid off Tinseltown's clandestine gambling ring in June, revealing that A-list stars including Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were deeply involved in the illegal games.

Now, as per ESPN (via Deadspin), the Commissioner’s Office is inquiring about just how deeply mixed up Rodriguez is in all of this. Apparently, baseball officials warned the polarizing Yankees star about engaging with such illegal poker clubs because they wanted to avoid just this type of predicament.

Alas, Rodriguez did not listen.

Currently, the New York third baseman is on the DL recovering from knee surgery.  


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