Yankees Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Tries To Buy Medical Records From "Anti-Aging Clinic"


Former all-star and current New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez allegedly tried to buy his medical records from a South Florida clinic currently under investigation for providing performance enhancing drugs to professional baseball players.

Investigators have been in Florida since last summer to try and establish if the “anti-aging” clinic was providing PED’s to players.  Allegedly, two ex-employees of the clinic told investigators that personal documents were put up for sale and Rodriguez arranged for an intermediary to purchase them.

Rodriguez garnered the nickname “A-Roid” thanks to his admission in 2009 that he used PED’s earlier in his career during his time with the Texas Rangers. News of his attempt to purchase documents about treatment he received at this facility only feeds the popular belief that Rodriguez used illegal substances even after his time with the Rangers.

Major League Baseball believes that the clinic is a key component in discovering what other players may have benefited from the use of PED’s and actually set up an “improvised war room” in its Manhattan headquarters last year to specifically investigate it.

On Friday, a spokesman for Rodriguez denied that his client attempted to purchase any documents.

Sources: NY Times, Wikipedia


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