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XKO 10 Fight Card Set

In the past few years MMA has firmly established itself as the combative sport du jour here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  While there have been a number of fly-by-night organizations that tried to capitalize on the immense popularity of the MMA in North Texas, one promotion stands out as a shining example of how to stage a successful regional promotion. 

Arlington-based Xtreme Knockout (XKO) has worked hard to establish them as the preeminent local MMA promotion in North Texas.  Through tireless work, trial and error, and a genuine mission to give fight fans not just a fight card, but an entire event, XKO has cultivated an extremely large and passionate fan base.  While some regional promoters simply book a couple of fights and turn the sound system to “11,” XKO gives fight fans a reason to show up early to a fight card.  A typical XKO event features a live band, bikini girl contest, and enough local fight scene vendors to cater to a fight fans’ every whim. 

With such a plethora of entertainment options, including some of the best MMA fights in the state, it was with little surprise that we here at North Texas Fisticuffs awarded Xtreme Knockout our 2010 MMA Promoter of the Year.  Backing up our claim is the fact that bestowed the same honor upon them as well.  Having attended a number of their events, I can personally attest to the festive atmosphere that is created within the confines of their arena located at The Gym in Arlington. 

This Saturday night, Xtreme Knockout will put on arguably one of their biggest shows to date when they host XKO 10.  Headlining the fight card will be XKO lightweight champion Chris Jones taking on the hard-hitting Chris Pecero.  Sweeting the fight card will be a highly anticipated showdown between Douglas Frey and Steven “Ocho” Peterson for the vacant XKO bantamweight title.  In addition to these two title fights, XKO 10 will feature former UFC fighter Jake Rosholt talking on Brandon McDowell as well as true grudge match between Randy Villarreal and Michael Sierra. 

Credit has to be given to XKO for continuing to expand and evolve their fight cards in order to establish and maintain their rabid fan base.  Clearly, XKO is doing something right and the entire North Texas region is embracing their efforts in mass. 

SCHEDULED FIGHT CARD (Card Subject to change)

MAIN EVENT XKO LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE - Chris Pecero (3-1) American Revolution Corpus Christi TX vs Chris Jones XKO Champion (UNDEFEATED IN XKO) Mohlers Jiu Jitsu (5-1) 

Brandon McDowell (over 70 pro fights) Austin, TX vs Jake Rosholt (UFC Veteran) Team Takedown – The Gym (9-3)

XKO VACANT BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE - Steven Peterson (3-1) JD Shelly Dallas, TX (Both fighters are Bellator vets) vs Douglas Frey (UNDEFEATED IN XKO) The Gym (9-4)

Randy Villarreal (4-3) Genesis Jiu Jitsu/Phalanx MMA vs Mike Sierra (3-3) Arlington, TX THE GYM

Hayward Charles pro-debut Ironside MMA Bedford vs JJ Holmes (1-0) Allen Mohlers Jiu Jitsu/The Gym

Brandon Smith (4-0) Star Jiu Jitsu vs Roy Spoon (5-3) Dallas, TX Octagon MMA

Chris Sellers (0-1) Texas Fighting Syndicate vs  Moises Diaz (1-3) Arlington, TX THE GYM

Frank Ortega (4-4) TX Elite MMA vs Alex Russ (2-0) pro The Gym Arlington, TX

Burt Mcdonald (1-0) Texas Fighting Syndicate vs Gabe Guerrero (1-3) Brazilian Top Team/ Alamo City Boxing San Antonio,TX

Faez Miraki pro-Debut Ironside MMA vs Elijah Fleites pro-debut Kingdom MMA


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