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Crazy: Gilbert Says Cavs Fine Without Heat’s LeBron James

Most figured Dan Gilbert was bitter after writing his ridiculous and now infamous "angry letter" to LeBron James the night the NBA MVP announced he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

After Gilbert’s recent interview with The News-Herald, where Gilbert insisted his organization was in a “good place,” it’s safe to assume he’s delusional as well.

In a long article on Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant, writer Bob Finnan sat down with Gilbert and discussed his team’s prospects for the upcoming season. Going by how the owner was speaking, you would think James was only a role player the team lost in the offseason.

"We weren't as focused on the long term (before James left)," said Gilbert. "We'll build the right way. It's absolutely refreshing and challenging and we're all looking forward to building the Cleveland Cavaliers into a premier team. We didn't achieve the ultimate goal (with James). It can't be a one-person show. We have to have a team approach and a team effort to make it happen."


The Cavaliers weren’t focused on the long term prior to James leaving? If that was the case, why was Gilbert so angry with his star opting to leave, then? After all, why would a player, who hopes to one day be regarded as an all-time great, want to stick around with a franchise that wasn’t able to focus on strategic planning for the future? If there’s anything to be taken from Gilbert’s words, it’s that he accidentally slipped up on his never-ending summer campaign of laying every problem at James’ doorstep. In fact, it appears he's finally admitting his team hadn’t been run the way it should have been during James’ tenure.

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