Paying Tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage

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Oooohhhh Yeaaahhhhhh. There was only one way to start today’s entry. I still remember when Randy Savage came to the World Wrestling Federations. No one had ever heard of him. This was in the days before internet newsgroups and any kind of underground rumor mongering. Macho Man got the same push that many superstars get when they make their entrance. The difference is that his push never ended.

He entered the WWF with an air of legitimacy and took off from there. There was never a doubt that he was a top draw even from day one. His battles and ensuing partnerships with Hulk Hogan came with a full helping of cheese, but Savage’s intensity pulled Hogan’s weak theatrics and Ms. Elizabeth’s demure personality right through it. It was never the same once he went to WCW, but it was that way for many wrestlers, just ask Brett Hart.

Thank you Mach Man, for taking all the corny stuff from the Rock ‘n Jock era and making it all a little more real.

I was supposed to give you a rundown of the state of TNA Wrestling this week, but I’m gonna hold off. Mick Foley has just been brought in as the mysterious network executive and he promises that wrestling matters once again. That’s good, because the Days of Our Lives approach with Blair Witch Project camera styles just wasn’t doing it for me. Let’s give them a few weeks and revisit what they put out.

Another puzzling night on Monday Night Raw as the big push for R-Truth continued. Jerry Lawler started the show center ring to gloat over his toe-tasting victory over Michael Cole. Lawler brought out WWE legend Brett Hart, who had helped keep Cole true to the agreed foot-in-mouth penalty for losing the match. During Brett’s monologue R-Truth emerged from back stage and started whining about his lack of championship opportunities. I couldn’t stand Truth as a face, but he is showing promise to be a relatively amusing heel. Problem is I’m not convinced the off kilter psycho bit is an act. He’s got me convinced that all is not well upstairs. Just when I thought he was going to attack Hart, champ John Cena came limping out. Cena gave props to Hart and basically made light of The Truth. Just when Cena decided Truth need a beatdown, we heard that now famous, you’ve got mail notification. The anonymous GM of course announced a main event tag team match consisting of R-Truth and C.M. Punk against Cena and Rey Mysterio, with Brett Hart as the special referee.

Later in the show, Kane and Big Show lost the tag team belts to the Nexus combination of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Of course C.M. Punk and Mason Ryan had their hand in the title change. Then backstage, Big Show was hit by one of Alberto Del Rio’s cars driven by Ricardo Rodriguez. I don’t really get the angle here. I’m guessing Show was probably due for knee surgery anyway, so they stripped him of the titles and explained away his likely absence.

Another angle that has me a little confused surrounds the monster diva Karma. Up to this point she has destroyed everything in her sight, but Monday was quite different. She came out to interrupt an eight-girl tag team match, assumedly to destroy them all. When she got to the ring, though, she sank to her knees and began crying … and the WWE left it at that. No explanation and no doublecross where she then demolished everyone. Very strange indeed.

One high point was when The Miz blamed his recent losses on his personal assistant Alex Riley. Riley finally had enough and pummeled Miz into a slobbering pile of goo. I’d be happier about this, but it probably means we’ll have Riley shoved down our throats for the next three months. Riley does some good things in the ring, but he has the personality of a potato dipped in rice pudding. It’ll be interesting to see if he can be a little more compelling on his own. The Miz is done with title shots and falls back to his more deserving role as a mid-card heel. He’s been pretty entertaining over the last few months, but it’s gonna take a face turn before he’ll get back in the title picture.

The show ended with the aforementioned tag team match. Cena, still hobbled from his “I Quit” match with the Miz the night before, took even more lumps, before Rey Mysterio won in with a 619 on Punk, who was then put in a sharp shooter by Hart. I don’t really get how the angle was advanced. I was expecting a last minute brutal attack by Truth on Cena, but the night just peacefully ended with glad hands all around between Cena, Mysterio, and Hart.

The WWE seems to be a little lost right now. With the main event for next year’s Wrestlemania already slated to be The Rock vs. Cena, it’s left them little wiggle room in some current story lines. Cena has already said he’ll keep the title all year, so that Rock can have his shot. So basically we know Cena won’t lose a title match until then. I guess R-Truth and the jabronis that will follow him are just window dressing. Needless to say, I hope WWE is able to build a little more momentum in the coming months. They’ve really struggled since Wrestlemania 2011.

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