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WPS Suspends 2012 Season; What Will You Not Watch Now?

There will be no 2012 Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) season, multiple news sources are reporting.

In related news, there was originally supposed to be a 2012 WPS season at one point, apparently.

According to ESPN, the league’s Board of Governors voted to suspend the 2012 campaign amidst legal clashes with the owner of their terminated South Florida franchise, Dan Borislow. The battle raged on right up until earlier this month when a Florida judge determined that the league didn’t follow its own dispute procedures when it rid itself of Borislow. Another court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

The hope is that this move will eventually lead to the league resuming operations in 2013. As per ESPN:

WPS CEO Jennifer O'Sullivan said owners chose to cancel the season over possibly working with Borislow in the league again.

"We have diverted so many resources into litigation," she said. "This is something that needs to be resolved before we can move forward with play."

Borislow purchased the former Washington Freedom before last season and moved the club to South Florida, renaming it for a telephone call device he invented. The magicJack franchise was repeatedly disciplined during the season for not meeting league standards. In August, after Borislow filed suit against the WPS, the league released a statement accusing him of violations ranging from "unprofessional and disparaging treatment of his players to failure to pay his bills."

Far be it for me to diminish the importance of WPS in the wide world of sports, but the league is sort of asking for it at this point. Going out of business over any dispute when you're all of three years old and struggling for notoriety wrecks your credibility far more than money troubles (which this league has), ratings issues (which this league has) and zero in the way of noticeable uptick in public recognition ever could.

But it is what is, I suppose. The league that nobody was going to watch this year anyway has decided that it won't even give folks the option.

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