Would Georges St-Pierre Have a Harder Time Beating Johny Hendricks than Anderson Silva?


Pat Miletich (29-7-2) is retracting a statement he made earlier in the week that sounded like he thought Johny Hendricks (14-1) posed a tougher challenge to Georges St-Pierre (23-2) than Anderson Silva (33-4).

"Simply put, I was saying that Johny Hendricks' style poses a serious risk due to his punching power and wrestling ability compared to Silva's lesser wrestling and takedown defense," said Miletich to Bloody Elbow.

Earlier in the week, Miletich said "there's a hell of a lot more to gain [in fighting Silva] but that might even, to be honest with you, be a safer fight for him."

Both Hendricks and St-Pierre are coming out of wins from UFC 154. Hendricks took his third first round knockout in the UFC and St-Pierre kept his welterweight championship in the main event. St-Pierre has not said who he is leaning towards fighting next. Silva wants the two champions to meet sometime next year.

"A loss against Hendricks does real damage and certainly derails the super-fight with Silva," said Miletich. "A loss to Anderson does not derail a great career and I'm sure it will contain a much bigger payday for GSP. I honestly doubt, due to style and financial gain, that GSP will choose Hendricks over Silva."

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