Worst Winner Ever? Football Player Pricks Opponents with Tack During Handshakes

Talk about rubbing it in -- more than two dozen players on a losing high school football team had to get tetanus shots after a player on the winning team hid a tack in his glove and pricked them during post-game handshakes.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the 16-year-old student at Washington Court High School in Ohio was ineligible to play in last Friday's 26-0 win over McClain High. However, he joined his teammates in shaking hands with their opponents after the game.

Police say the teen -- whose name has not been released -- hid a sharp object in his glove.

"It was a small, sharp object," Greenfield Police Chief Tim Hester told the Wilmington News Journal. "We think it was probably a tack, but we haven't recovered it so we can't say for sure."

He then pricked 27 of his opponents while shaking their hands.

"They felt the pain of it when it occurred and they thought maybe they had hit a nerve or something. Then some of them immediately... looked at their hands and saw blood," said Dr. Dan Strain, McClain High School principal.

They all got tetanus shots as a precaution.

Police contacted the mother of the suspected student, who reportedly said that she planned to hire an attorney to defend her son.

No one can quite explain why anybody would do this, especially students at McClain.

"I think it's stupid, and very silly, and I don't understand why anyone would have any incentive to do that. We lost anyway," said the student, who did not give his name.


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