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World Wide Wes Masterminding Carmelo’s Exit from Nuggets?

By Alex Groberman

According to a recent report by Yahoo Sports, Carmelo Anthony and William “World Wide Wes” Wesley are now in cahoots to extract Anthony from his current situation with the Denver Nuggets.

By Adrian Wojnarowski’s account, Wesley and Leon Rose of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) supplied the Nuggets with a short list of teams that Anthony wanted to be traded to and told them it would be in their best interests to comply with the trade demands.

It appears soon-to-be owner Josh Kroenke finally got the message after Anthony told him he wanted out during a Sunday meeting. Prior to the meeting, Kroenke had been hoping he could convince Anthony to sign a contract extension. Realizing now that's no reasoning with the former Syracuse star, Kroenke is now prepared to move him, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin and start rebuilding the team from scratch.

According to a front office executive who spoke with Wojnarowski, “It’s almost a given they’re going to move him.”

The Nuggets have reportedly said they will only accept young stars and draft picks for Anthony. The New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers, apparently, have become the two most likely destinations. The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are also in the discussion, and the Charlotte Bobcats appear to be sleepers in the whole mess.

The most interesting part of the Nuggets-Anthony situation appears to be how the current owner of the Nuggets, Stan Kroenke, is reacting to Wesley and Rose. Known as an “old school guy,” many wonder whether or not he has grown weary of Wesley and Rose’s recent manipulation efforts over teams and players.

At times when you see these kinds of stories, you have to take a step back and ask yourself whether or not we give Wesley too much credit. He was said to be the evil genius behind James coming to New Jersey, New York or Chicago – none of which happened. Then, with James tucked away in Miami far more as a result of Pat Riley’s influence than Wesley’s, some tried to pass it off as Wesley’s work. It seems like the same thing may be happening here.

What do you think? Is World Wide Wes going to be an integral part of this new NBA soap opera starring Anthony?

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