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World Cup is Killing Twitter, Blame GoDaddy

If you’ve been having some issues with Twitter recently, get in line. It seems that the global event that is the World Cup is just assaulting the Twitter servers. Who is responsible? Is it Gianluigi Buffon? Is he tweeting about his bad back? Are the French tweeting/bitching about the new ball and the vuvuzelas? Maybe it’s all of the above?

“Last Friday, we detailed on our Engineering blog that this is going to be a rocky few weeks,” Twitter communications chief Sean Garrett wrote on their blog. “We’re working through tweaks to our system in order to provide greater stability at a time when we’re facing record traffic. We have long-term solutions that we are working towards, but in the meantime, we are making real-time adjustments so that we can grow our capacity and avoid outages during the World Cup.”

This must be some serious traffic for a mega-site like Twitter to have issues. Don’t they already have an insane hosting package designed to handle tons and tons of users? Are they on GoDaddy? If so, we understand. We’ve had issues with them too. That’s probably what it is.

“As we go through this process, we have uncovered unexpected deeper issues and have even caused inadvertent downtime as a result of our attempts to make changes,” Garrett continued. “Ultimately, the changes that we are making now will make Twitter much more reliable in the future. However, we certainly are not happy about the disruptions that we have faced and even caused this week and understand how they negatively impact our users.”

So if your Twitter account isn’t working properly, you can just add that to the list of reasons you hate soccer.


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