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World Cup 2010, Day 13 Recap

Wednesday – June 23rd, 2010

USA vs. Algeria review (England vs. Slovenia review)

England beat Slovenia 1-0. And from what I watched, it was one hell of a boring game. Yes. I said it. A boring soccer game. England won, but their fans still expect more.

USA beat Algeria 1-0.

Do you know that feeling you get when you vomit in your mouth, go numb, almost faint and mildly crap yourself because you just peed on the girl you have a crush on? I do. And it’s not good. This is what this game felt like. Except I did stain my pants various times.

Germany vs. Ghana review (Australia vs. Serbia review)

Germany beat Ghana 1-0. Germany rebounded against a loss to Serbia to finish first in the group. They didn’t play spectacular, but they did just enough. We’re going to have a classic in the Round of 16 when they face England. Meanwhile, we’ll get Ghana, who has speed and are physical, but they are beatable.

Australia beat Serbia 2-1 and this was a much better game. At one point Australia was leading by two goals (surprisingly so), and despite that, both still needed two goals to qualify by passing Ghana on goal differential. They both failed, but still was a good one to watch.

Thursday – June 24th, 2o1o Preview

Slovakia vs. Italy (10 AM EST.)

Slovakia played horribly till now, with their biggest chance at three points coming against New Zealand, meanwhile, Italy hasn’t played that well either. Still, Italy has a tendency to start out slow and somehow win the games they need to, so I’m still going with Italy. Prediction: Italy win.

Paraguay vs. New Zealand (10 AM EST.)

New Zealand is coming off a heroic result (tie against Italy) while Paraguay easily beat Slovakia. The obvious favorite here is Paraguay and they should win. However, if the Cinderella story continues, we could see another tie for New Zealand. Prediction: Paraguay win.

Denmark vs. Japan (2:30 PM EST.)

This should be a good one to watch. Japan has the luxury of just needing a tie to get through, while Denmark needs nothing less than a win. With Denmark going after goals, we should have an open and exciting game. Prediction: Tie.

Netherlands vs. Cameroon (2:30 PM EST.)

This shouldn’t be a good one to watch. The Dutch are already in, and all that is left to decide is 1st or 2nd place on goal differential. Cameroon is already out, and all that is left is to salvage a point to not go a home empty handed after a disappointing campaign. Prediction: Tie.


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