Woody Johnson: Darrelle Revis Will Not Play for Jets in 2010


Gary Myers of the NY Daily News is reporting that NY Jets owner Woody Johnson has stated that Darrelle Revis will likely not play for the Jets in 2010.

A three hour meeting on Friday at the Roscoe Diner in the Catskills involving Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum and Neil Schwartz, the agent for Darrelle Revis, apparently  achieved no progress whatsoever. The negotiation that took place was described to have concluded in the following matter.

..... the only thing they agreed upon when it was time to leave was Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum picking up the check for lunch after Neil Schwartz, the agent for Darrelle Revis, first offered.

When Tannenbaum headed west on Route 17 back to Cortland and Schwartz took 17 East back to Rockland County, Revis was still without a new contract and Schwartz's new three-page proposal to make Revis a Jet for life - two spreadsheets and a third outlining the offer - was deemed so outrageous that Woody Johnson is now predicting Revis will not play for the Jets in 2010.

Johnson was asked Monday if he thought the cornerback would sign before the start of the season.

"The answer is no," he said.

When he was asked in an ESPN interview if he thought Revis would play for the Jets this season, he said, "My gut feeling is, I would say no." - NY Daily News

Revis supporters are pointing to how the Jets franchise needs to change the way they operate and take care of their own. Myers points out that they traded away Keyshawn Johnson and John Abraham rather than dealing with big paydays, yet they had no problem shelling out big money for Brett Favre, Bart Scott and Alan Faneca who were not home grown.

At the moment, the two sides couldn't be further apart as the Jets appear shocked that Revis has turned down their two most recent offers and the Revis camp can't believe the Jets have not offered any fully guaranteed money whatsoever.

One would think that since this is an uncapped year that there's no excuse for them not to be able to reach a monetary agreement. However it doesn't appear that the amount of money the Jets are willing to pay Revis is the issue, rather it's the Jets refusal and Revis' insistence that significant guaranteed money be included that is clearly the point of contention.

It's been stated by many NFL experts that the Jets have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl this year with a sound Revis, both body and mind, in their secondary. Those same experts also feel that it's questionable at best as to whether the Jets are even a playoff team without him.

Woody Johnson already backed down the first time he came across a PR nightmare when he cut some ‘overpriced' PSL prices in half. If you are Johnson and you give in now, what message will that send to other star players like Nick Mangold that want to renegotiate.

The Jets open up against the Baltimore Ravens and their rejuvenated passing game on September 13th. The Ravens are predicted to be perhaps the Jest biggest obstacle this year in representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. Will Revis be there to cover Anquan Bolden and Co.?

This stalemate is getting more stressful for Jets fans every day. I don't think anyone thought that it would get this far, not the fans, not Revis, not the Jets.

Revis held out 21 days as a rookie until he got what he wanted, so he's shown that he will stick to his guns. It remains to see what the resolve of Woody Johnson is.

Stay tuned..... - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball & Xtra Point Football

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