Wolves, David Kahn Mess Up Again, This Time in 2011 NBA Draft


Of course David Kahn and the Minnesota Timberwolves accidentally took an ineligible player with draft rights they purchased from the Portland Trail Blazers (via the Dallas Mavericks). We would expect nothing less from thisguy.

The only way this story gets any better, by the way, is if said draft pick -- Tanguy Ngombo -- is revealed to be a point guard, not a small forward as projected.

Essentially, even on a night where they could seemingly do no wrong, the Timberwolves got it wrong. After selecting Derrick Williams with the second overall pick -- a selection made all the easier by the Cleveland Cavaliers picking the only other player worth drafting in this year’s proceedings -- it was supposed to be smooth sailing to the very end for Kahn and Co. They had another top 20 pick which they opted to move for a few second-round picks, and then they proceeded to wisely get rid of most of those picks as well. Good thinking, the last thing this team needs is more useless players.

It was going perfectly for the Wolves up until the very end, when the genius formerly known as David Kahn decided that he wanted a mildly impressive prospect out of Qatar who shined at the recent Asian Games. Figuring that this late in the draft they could afford to take a chance on a promising 21-year-old potential steal, Minnesota pulled the trigger and nabbed him with the 57th pick.

One problem, though. The kid wasn’t 21, he was 26. And, of course, according to NBA regulations, any player over the age of 22 must enter the league via free agency, not the draft. Thus, the Wolves’ pick was deemed ineligible and voided.

If only voiding Kahn’s contract was that easy.


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