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Wobbly Wooden Staircase Shakes Under Fans at World Cup (Video)

A wobbly wooden staircase at Maracana soccer stadium, which is hosting the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, has some fans concerned it might come crashing down.

A video (below) shot by Brazilian photographer Paula Kossatz showed the wooden staircase shaking under fans that were climbing up to watch the World Cup game between Argentina and Bosnia over the weekend.

Brazil spent an estimated $11 billion to host the World Cup, but apparently went cheap on a staircase used by tens of thousands of people daily.

"When people walk on it the wood moves, so with thousands of people walking up there, there could be an accident," Jorge Martinez, a systems engineer, told the Associated Press.

The local Rio government said the wooden staircase was inspected, reinforced and re-inspected. Construction workers were seen soldering the scaffolding that holds the wooden staircase on Tuesday.

However, a separate entrance for the VIP audience is made out solid concrete and does not wobble.

"You can see that VIP ramp and it's real good, but over here where almost everyone goes in, the entrance and exit is defective and unsafe," stated Juan Miranda, an electrician. "There isn't even any information about its capacity. Tomorrow there's going to be a sea of people here so I'm going to arrive early to be safe."

A BBC reporter recently examined the wooden stairs and was able to give the hand rail an easy shake and move a loose stair with his foot.

"All along there have been concerns about the safety and the integrity of temporary structures," said the BBC reporter. "It all seems to have been put together in something of a hurry."

Sources: Associated Press and BBC


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