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Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson, Kell Brook vs. Carson Jones Fight Recaps

23:00- I’ll be back for Haye-Chisora night Saturday night when the whole nation will become boxing experts for a night. However if David and Dereck can reproduce half of what we saw betweeen Carson Jones and Kell Brook in Sheffield tonight, it will be a special, special night.

Honourable mentions must go to Gavin Rees for defending his European lightweight title against a brave Derry Matthews and credit to both Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury for keeping their respective bandwagons rolling on. I was Cameron Sharpe and tonight was excellent. I’m off to watch Sky Sports News’ new girl Anna Woolhouse to try and erase memories of this morning’s Parkrun drama. Goodnight!

22:50- And that was that. I would apologise for the way tonight has ended but it seems pretty clear that we jumped on the right fight of the three major cards on offer across Europe. Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury will watch next week’s meeting between David Haye and Dereck Chisora with interest, however Tony Thompson is surely staring retirement in the face. Four years on from the pair’s first meeting, tonight was an impressive show of Wladimir’s powers.

Talking of Wladimir’s powers, the younger Klitschko brother has just launched into a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark the 68th birthday of legengary coah Emanuel Steward. All in all, a very jovial night in Bern. Can someone send me some Toblerone?

22:40- Within a minute, both fights are called off.  In Bern, Klitschko stops Tony Thompson by escorting the American to the canvas for a second time in the sixth round and in deepest Somerset, Tyson Fury inflicts 30 seconds of punishment on Maddalone in round five before the referee jumps in to call off the fight.

22:38- Tyson Fury is well ahead against Maddalone after four one-sided sessions. The height advantage for the 6″9 Fury is proving key, despite looking a little clumsy at times.

Scott Christ on Twitter: “That right hand was utterly brutal. Thompson is a man’s man getting up.”

22:35- I may have spoken too soon. Wladimir lands a massive right hand on the chin of Tony Thompson and surely puts an end to the evening’s proceedings… Somehow the American staggers to his feet and survives to the hear the bell at the end of the fifth round.

22:30- After four rounds in Bern, Klitschko and Thompson appear to have shared the spoils, despite the fact that Thompson is yet to hurt the unified heavyweight champion.

22:25- These TV schedulers are not doing me any favours at all. Both Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury are already in the ring and fighting for their respective titles. In Clevedon,Somerset, the boxing epicentre of the world, Fury is well on top against Vinny Maddalone but in Bern, Tony Thompson is putting in an impressive showing against Wladimir Klitschko- this could be interesting…

22:22- That was a something really special tonight. For me it was a fight of the year contender- certainly on these shores. Both men, despite all the pre-fight nastiness have clearly won each other’s respct. Jones is hankering after a rematch in his post-fight interview but I’m not sure anyone at Matchroom will let Brook near Carson Jones ever again.

Tris Dixon on Twitter- “Kell Brook wins by 116-113, 115-113 and 114-114. Carson Jones, road warrior.”

22:17- How good was that? Incredibly good is the answer. Both fighters receive a standing ovation from the Sheffield faithful but this could be a close decision you know…. Decison on its way...Brook prevails. Just. Majority decision 114-114, 115-113, 116-113. How crucial was that tenth round?

Sky’s Andy Scott on Twitter: “Brilliant fight. That’s 2 fights of genuine quality”

Round 12- Here we go- Carson Jones surely needs a stoppage but it is Brook that has his rival in early trouble in the neutal corner. Jones recovers his senses and it is the American who is forcing the pace now. Brook is happy to engage Jones and pays for it when the younger man lands a big left hand. Brook lands a couple of his own but JONES REGISTERS A HUGE RIGHT! Brook threatens to do a silly walk in centre ring but the referee steps in to give Brook the space he needs to survive. Jones round. Brook’s fight. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 115-114 Brook

Round 11- After that period of Jones dominance, the American has to do some damage now if he is to leave Sheffield with a shock decision. Brook is cute enough to keep his rival at length but Jones is refusing to play bridesmaid tonight. Brook lands a big left and Carson misses with a two punch combination. Not sure either man did enough to win that round though- Brook showed incredible intelligence to avoid a war there. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 106-104 (Drawn round)

Round 10- What has Kell Brook got left in the tank? Two huge combinations from the hometown favourite really gets a nervous crowd on its feet again. Big moment for the fight there. Jones dominates the closing stages of the round but Brook’s head movement remains excellent and the American can’t land cleanly enough to salvage the stanza. This is great stuff. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 96-94 Brook 

QPR’s Joey Barton on Twitter: “Altitude training looks like its paying off for Jones. Off to find the nearest hill… #comeonkelldigdeep

Round 9- Despite the facial damage, Brook’s conditioning is really seeing him through here. Jones is chasing the undefeated welterweight around but hasn’t landed enough in this round to turn this into a full-blown crisis. Brook isn’t landing enough here to turn the tide, and with what looks like a broken nose, he is going to have to dig really deep to see this fight out. Gap closing on the scorecards though…. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 86-85 Brook 

Round 8- Has Kell Brook ever lost two rounds back-t0-back before? Whichever way look at it, Brook has started the eighth round well and lands tidily to the body. Carson Jones is an animal. He is starting to look like another one of Eddie Hearn’s big name fighters in Carl Froch. Jones lands two massive shots- one opening a river of blood from Brook’s nose and another possibly inflicting a cut on the of his high-calibre rival. Alarm bells for Brook- even if he manages to land two shots of his own to close the session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 77-75 Brook

Omkar Knot on Twitter: Negative Carson Jones. You negative boring American. You should be opening the batting for Ifield in league cricket.”

Round 7- Kell Brook really needs to avoid getting into a war here and Carson Jones is making it extremely difficult to simply dance around. The Sheffield-born fighter looks cleaner and tighter than his energetic rival but he is visibly shocked by how well Jones has weathered the storm. Jones lands a series of decent shots to the body and even with Brook landing will more regularity in the final 20 seconds of the round he’s lost another session on my card. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 68-65 Brook

Round 6- There was a fair amount of activity in that Jones corner during that last break in the action. Perhaps his trainer has reminded him of the £20,000 he wagered on victory tonight? Brook has his foe rocking again but Jones comes back well to stay just about in contention. For the first time tonight Jones begins to get some success- landing a series of bodyshots and despite shipping two shots at the bell, that was a Jones round. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 59-55 Brook (5-1) 

Round 5- Brook is on top here but as long as Jones can stand on two feet, he will provide some danger to the Yorkshireman. A little untidy from both men but each lands an uppercut to ignite the round. Brook has undoubtedly landed the more concussive punches but Jones just won’t go away- he has started to regulate the distance between the pair well. A big combination shakes Jones to his boots but the American recovers well. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 50-45 Brook 

Scott Christ on Twitter: “Brook 10-9, 30-27. Jones is slowly doing a bit better and taking shots well, but Brook is outclassing him so far.”

Round 4- Jones starts the round stalking Brook around the ring, but the Englishman is able to use his footwork to avoid trouble. Jones forces Brook onto the ropes momentarily and lands a decent body shot but is unable to follow it up with more serious punishment. Brook capitalises on a couple of lunges from the American and picks off the younger man with a decent right. The round is probably in the mix down the final 30 seconds but three separate Brook right hooks probably just about secures a fourth consecutive session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 40-36 Brook (4-0) 

Round 3- Jones has decided to show a little more in this round and starts to apply pressure on Brook’s immaculate footwork. A warning for use of the head for Jones, but this is the most competetive round of the fight so far. That Brook jab is causing all sorts of problems for Jones- does he risk a deluge in the hope of landing a big fight winning shot? Another head-body combination from Brook closes out the round and Brook has flown out of the blocks. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 30-27 Brook.

ESPN’s Ian Darke on Twitter: “Memo to Carson Jones. You are allowed to throw punches”

Round 2- It might be fair to suggest that early points are not the priority of Jones in these initial exchanges. Brook looks quick and is dancing around his fiery opponent without doing too much damage. All of a sudden the hometown boy unleashes a five shot combination to head and body to raise a roar from the partisan Sheffield crowd. Brook works his jab well down the final minute of the session and despite losing his footing Brook has pocketed the second stanza. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 20-18 Brook 

Round 1- It is not only important for Brook to win tonight but also to look good doing so. The oft mentioned world title shot has not materialised in the way Brook and his team may have hoped over the last two years so every chance to impress must be taken. Brook opens the session as the only man throwing any punches- Jones is giving himself a chance to look at his high-rated opponent. Brook takes the chance to land a series of of bodyshots and an uppercut to leave an impression on the American. Jones finally lands a combination to the body but that is Brook’s session every day of the week. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Brook. 

21:22- Are you ready? Sean Bean, who has carried one of Brook’s belts into the ring looks like he fancies a throwdown. Off we go…

21:20- Both men have made their respective ways to the ring and we are nearly underway. Don’t forget, these two have been at each other’s throat all week and there was a bit of a coming together at the weigh-in yesterday. Brook looks cool as ice tonight though.

Former Chelsea midfielder Jody Morris on Twitter: “Can’t do nothing but applaud Jones entrance music..having that!!”

21:12- So, time to switch attention to Kell Brook. The 26-year-old Yorkshireman was in particularly impressive form when fighting Matthew Hatton in March but was unable to stop a man he dominated for large portions of that fight. he also struggled to get rid of a virtual part-timer on his US debut in December. I am nit-picking if I’m honest but Carson Jones (34-8-2) could be a tougher proposition- the American has recorded eight consecutive stoppages before tonight.

Boxing News Editor, Tris Dixon on Twitter: “Sheer class from Rees to take a step back from the right and then step in with his own right hand #impressive

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “Gary Lockett [Gavin Rees' coach] one of the ugliest men in boxing” 

21: 04- Difficult to be 100% sure how long it will be before Brook and Jones enter the ring but I wager we’ll be underway before 21:20. In the meantime, Eddie Hearn has told Sky Sports that he expects to announce a world title shot for Rees in time for the new season.

20:57- But not for long! Rees floors Matthews to retain his crown and the Welshman will surely secure to another world title shot before the year is out after that showing.

20:55- Before the first bell of the evening (0n the live commentary) there is the little matter of a European lightweight title fight between Gavin Rees and Derry Matthews on the undercard of the Brook-Jones show at the Motorpoint Arena. Rees has just come within a fraction of stopping Matthews but the Englishman just about hanging on…

20:50- So, how was your Saturday? Mine was spent, in part, arguing with a middle-aged woman over 18th place at a local Parkrun. In my defence… actually, there is no defence.

20:47- They probably could have planned this better. Tonight sees Sheffield born Kell Brook take on Carson Jones  in an IBF welterweight eliminator before Tyson Fury challenges Vinny Maddalone for the vacant WBO inter-continental heavyweight title. Finally, we head to Berne where Wladimir Klitschko defends his WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles against former foe Tony Thompson. I hope you’re following this- there will be a test later.

Boxing fans rejoyce but my fingers are not so happy with Messrs Hennessy, Boente and Hearn.

20:45- Good evening and welcome to a bumper selection of live action from the UK and Switzerland.

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