Wladimir Klitschko vs. Jean-Marc Mormeck Complete Recap

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23:05: Thank you for your company tonight. A decent night for Wladimir Klitschko, Jamie McDonnell and Matt Skelton- the end of the road for Jean-Marc Mormeck and Tom Dallas? Probably. Join me next weekend for Ricky Burns’ first defence of his WBO lightweight title. Goodnight!

23:04: Vitali is being interviewed by Adam Smith for Sky Sports and he claims that he is keen to fight David Haye- despite the rumblings of discontent over financial arrangements and credibility, it looks like a deal could be done. A summer blockbuster maybe?

WBA, WBO and IBF heayweight title holder Wladmir Klitschko ringside: “I definitely enjoy the game. I am very disappointed about what happned two weeks ago- it was slapping and spitting in the face of previous champions- Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano. That behaviour was not good.”

22:55: So, where do we go now? Vitali and Wladimir are clearly running out of options at this level. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Matt Skelton get a shot after his comeback win earlier tonight! David Price is ringside in Dusseldorf- could he be in line for a shot in the near future? “I’m probably 18 months- two years away from being ready. Give me a bit more time and I’ll be ready” says the man himself.

Matchroom Sport’s Eddie Hearn on Twitter: “The final kick in the nuts from Wlad.. Thanks for the fight-now can get out of the way so I can stand on your corner post and thank my fans”

22:45: A sad end to what will probably be the last fight of Jean-Marc Mormeck’s top level career. To be fair to the 39 year old, though, he dominated the cruiserweight scene at the turn of the century and tonight he was in with a man who was just far too big.

British Light-Heavweight, Tony Bellew on Twitter: “Wald is a far better athlete and fighter than Vitali! Ok he might not be as durable as VK but he is a better fighter! Make no mistake..”

22:40- Fair play to Wladimir, he did exactly what he said he would. 50 knockouts in 60 fights is a remarkable record. A friendly word with the defeated challenger before he acclaims the Dusseldorf crowd. They absolutely love it too.

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “night night buddy 50th kayo.”

Round 4- This is a little more of what we like to see from Mormeck- he put David Haye down in this round during their 2007 clash…AND THAT IS THAT! A left-right combination from Klitschko dispatches Mormeck straight back to the canvas and despite the former crusierweight king just about making it to his feet, referee Luis Pabon wisely waves it all off. One-sided.

Round 3- A little quiter in the first 45 seconds of the new round. Easily behind the jab. Now the champion unleashes another bodyshot combination which stuns the Mormeck once again. The Frenchamn comes back and lands one of his own but despite the quieter nature of the round, Mormeck is only intent on covering up. Bang! Last 30 seconds of the round and Klitschko bundles Mormeck to the canvas again- this time illegally. A quick telling off from the referee does not stop the Ukranian taking another round. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 30-26 Klitschko

Round 2- Already, Mormeck is being made to look like a Samuel Peter type figure. He looks in decent shape but he can’t do anything to close the gap. AND HE’S DOWN. A Klitschko body shot sends Mormeck to the canvas and that 30 pound gap in weight is looking all too evident. Mormeck drags himself up to take a standing eight count. More punishment comes his way in the final minute of the round but the Frenchman just about holds on. Just. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 20-17 Klitschko

Guysley on Twitter: “Jim Watt is spot on. He grabs hold and pushes down.”

Round 1- Klitschko has been put down 11 times in his career, but can Mormeck really be the man to inflict a 12th trip to the white canvas? Warnings to Wladimir for pushing down on the back of the challenger. Very truncated early action but the champion has slipped smoothly into second gear down the final minute of the opening session. Mormeck can’t close the gap quickly enough. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Klitschko

22:16- Michael Buffer is doing his thing here. Vitali in his brother’s corner tonight. Touch gloves. Ready? Off we go…

22:14- National anthems done and dusted, the time is nearly upon us. Both men looking incredibly calm and ready for war. Wladimir’s prediction of a 50th knockout has whipped this partisan crowd into a frenzy.

22:10- And to the strains of ‘Don’t Stop’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, here comes the champion. 50,000 Germans stand to acclaim Wladimir Klitschko. Focus all over his face.

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye on Twitter: “Vitali has just finally agreed to fight me in a live RTL interview!!! He told me I will be his next fight!! Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!”

22:08- A 60 foot lit outline of ring announcer Michael Buffer is on the wall of the Esprit Arena. Mad.

22:05- And here we go. Jean-Marc Mormeck has faced some hostile environments in his time but the Frenchman, who turns 40 this summer, will surely count this as his proudest achievement if he can somehow find something special tonight.

21:55- We are very close to the ringwalks in Germany. The phenomenal sound and visual show that the Klitschkos always put together on these nights are in full-swing. Back in the UK, I’m hearing that a bloke attempted to win dates on ‘Take Me Out’ wearing a Scout uniform. Needless to say, I don’t think he got any numbers…

Barry McGuigan on Twitter: “Predictions for Klitschko v Mormeck? Can Mormeck cause an upset? Surely not?”

21:50- Not many are giving Frenchman Jean-Marc Mormeck much hope out in Dussledorf tonight, but is Wladimir going to struggle with ring-rust? The Ukranian has talked up his chances of a 50th knockout as a professional but he’s only fought once in the last 18 months- will he have prepared properly?

21:45- There are loads of ways to get involved tonight. Simply drop a comment in the section at the bottom of the commentary, find us on Twitter, or use the new Facebook fan page. Predicitons, thoughts and reaction to anything that has happened over the last couple of weeks.

21:35- Wlad’s return is not the only top-level boxing going on tonight. In Sheffield tonight, former world title challenger, Matt Skelton produced an impressive stoppage of Tom Dallas to give the 45 year old a first win since his spell in prison last year.

Elsewhere on the card Jamie McDonnell, the European bantamweight champion, easily defended his title with a second round stoppage of overmatched Ivan Pozo.

21:28- We’ve got about half an hour until the drama gets going at the Esprit Arena, so why not roll back the years and remember the night Mormeck took British boxing’s one time poster boy to a dark, dark place?

21.25- So, two weeks on from ‘Tripod-gate‘ where are you? Completely out of love with ‘The Sweet Science’ or excited that a moribund heavyweight division has been brought to life amongst all the controversy that Dereck Chisora’s brawl with David Haye has inflicted on the boxing community? Well, you’ve turned down ‘Casualty’ and the last knockings of ‘Take Me Out’ so things can’t be too bad!

My name is Cameron Sharpe and I will be guiding you through Wladimir Klitschko’s first ring appearance since defeating Haye last summer. His opponent is a familiar face- Jean-Marc Mormeck dominated the cruiserweight division until a little known London-born slugger visited Paris in the autumn of 2007.

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